Zafar Mirza resigns as SAPM on National Health Services

Zafar Mirza resigns as SAPM on National Health Services


Islamabad: Zafar Mirza resigned on Wednesday to serve as a special assistant to the Prime Minister (Imran Khan) for the National Health Service.

According to details, Zafar Mirza took to social-networking website Twitter and made the announcement, stating, “I have resigned as SAPM. I came to on a personal invitation of PM Imran Khan after leaving World Health Organization (WHO).”

It is an honor to serve Pakistan. He added that I am satisfied that COVID-19 has declined as a result of national efforts and I have left.

It was a privilege to serve Pakistan. I am satisfied that I leave at a time when COVID-19 has declined in as a result of a grand national effort, he added.

Mirza further wrote, “I worked hard and honestly.”

Tania Aidrus said in a tweet that criticizing the country for its citizenship includes the goal of digital Pakistan. She added that in the greater public interest she has resigned and left the SAPM position.

In her resignation letter to Prime Minister Imran Khan, Tana said that her original intention to return to Pakistan was to contribute to the development of digital Pakistan and develop a vision, which the Prime Minister has always expressed and shared.

She added that the recent comments about Canadian citizenship in the public domain were the result of her birth rather than selection, which distracted her ability to realize Digital Pakistan’s long-term vision.

She also reiterated her determination to do her best to serve Pakistan and the Prime Minister through private and public sector initiatives.

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