YouTube cancels Myanmar military-run channels, pulls videos

YouTube cancels Myanmar military-run channels, pulls videos


Bangkok: YouTube deleted five channels that the Myanmar military violated its community guidelines and terms of service.

The company said Friday that it terminated channels of broadcasters Myawaddy Media, MRTV, WD Online Broadcasting, MWD Variety and MWD Myanmar. The decision follows a Feb. 1 military coup that ousted the country’s elected government, provoking massive public protests.

“We have terminated a number of channels and removed several videos from YouTube in accordance with our community guidelines and applicable laws,” YouTube said in an emailed statement.

The company said it was monitoring the situation for any content that might violate its rules.

YouTube said it had terminated around 20 channels and removed over 160 videos in the past couple months for violating its policies regarding hate speech and harassment, spam and deceptive practices, violent or graphic content policy and violations of its terms of service.

In December last year, the company opened 34 channels as part of a survey of content uploaded through coordinated influence activities.

The company said that the event uploaded content about Myanmar’s general election, regional conflicts, and news related to the United States, China, and Malaysia.

Before YouTube made the above decision, Facebook announced earlier that it had removed all pages related to the Myanmar military from its website and its own Instagram.

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