Yoshihide Suga named Japan's new prime minister

Yoshihide Suga named Japan’s new prime minister


Tokyo: On Wednesday, the Japanese Diet elected Prime Minister Hoshihide Huga. The former Chief Cabinet Secretary is expected to continue to abide by the policies advocated by Shinzo Abe during his record-breaking term.

The 71-year-old Sukah easily won the victory, holding 462 valid votes in the lower house of parliament with 314 votes, and his ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) has a majority.

After announcing the news, the lawmakers applauded, he bowed deeply, but did not immediately comment.

After counting the votes, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Tadamori Oshima announced: “Based on the results, our House has decided to appoint Prime Minister Junhide Suyoshi.”

Suga is expected to announce his cabinet later on Wednesday, and according to local media reports, he will retain many ministers from Shinzo Abe’s previous administration.

Suga, who was selected as the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party on Monday, is seen as a continuous candidate and said his campaign was inspired by the pursuit of Abe’s policies.

Abe resigned with the cabinet early Wednesday, with one year left in his term, ending his campaign record.

The recurrence of ulcerative colitis is a bowel disease, which has troubled him for a long time, and he was forced to quit.

Suga has spent decades in politics-most recently as Chief Cabinet Secretary, where he is known for pushing government policy with sometimes difficult bureaucracy.

He has also been a spokesperson for the government, stubbornly defending his policy as a spokesperson, including sometimes intense exchanges with reporters.

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