Yemen's Huthis target Saudi oil facilities in new escalation

Yemen’s Huthis target Saudi oil facilities in new escalation


Riyadh: Last Sunday, the Yemeni Hussite rebels claimed to launch a missile and unmanned attack on the heart of Saudi Arabia’s oil industry. This is a new escalation in the six-year conflict.

The attack on energy giant Aramco s facilities came as the Saudi-led military coalition bombed Yemen s Huthi-controlled capital Sanaa after intercepting a separate flurry of cross-border Huthi drones and missiles.

The rising hostilities underscore a dangerous intensification of Yemen s conflict between the coalition-backed Yemeni government and the Iran-backed Huthis, despite a renewed US push to end the war.

The Saudi defence ministry said it had intercepted a drone targeting a petroleum storage yard at Ras Tanura — one of the world s biggest oil ports — and a ballistic missile aimed at Aramco facilities in Dhahran city in eastern Saudi Arabia.

The Department of Energy said the missile shrapnel fell near a residential area of ​​Aramco in the city, which is home to thousands of company employees and their families.

It added that the attacks did not cause any casualties or damage, but did not specify who was behind.

The Huthi rebels claimed on Twitter that they had launched drones and missiles at Ras Tanura and launched military targets in the Dammam area close to Dhahran.

The kingdom s oil-rich eastern region is home to most of Aramco s production and export facilities.

In 2019, aerial assaults on two Aramco facilities in the eastern region temporarily knocked out half of the kingdom s crude production, underscoring the vulnerability of Saudi Arabia s oil infrastructure.

The defence ministry said Sunday s attacks targeted “the backbone of the world economy, oil supplies and global energy security”.

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