Yemeni vice president says that attacks by Houthi on civilians threaten peace efforts 1

Yemeni vice president says that attacks by Houthi on civilians threaten peace efforts


Yemen AL-MUKALLA: Yemeni Vice-President Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmer warns that Iran-supported escalation of rockets and drones by Houthis in government-controlled areas undermines peace efforts.

Ahmer said Thursday in U.N. envoy Martin Griffiths in Riyadh, that internationally recognized President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and his government are working towards a peace that can end the war. The agreement is serious and genuine.

A statement from the official Sabah news agency said: “The continuing threat of Houthi escalation can undermine all peace efforts, especially the Stockholm Agreement.”

Houthis has stepped up attacks on rockets and drones in residential areas of the central city of Marib, killing dozens of civilians and injuring them.

On Wednesday, a ballistic missile launched by Houthis landed in a house in the Rawdha district of Marib, killing several people in a family.

Al-Ahmer urged the international community to exert pressure on Houthis to stop attacking civilians and reaffirm its commitment to a peaceful settlement with Houthis.

The UN Special Envoy said on social media that he discussed the escalation of fighting in Yemen with the vice-president and said that Ahmer supported efforts to relieve tension.

The Yemeni government strongly condemned Hushi’s rocket attacks on Malibu and other areas and said the militias did not take peace seriously and acted as a pawn for the Iranian regime, emphasizing that only military action could bring Huhsis to its knees.

The government is concerned that the attack by Houthi on Malibu could force thousands of internally displaced persons who have fled the city to a safer place in the south since the war in the city.

Hossi’s most deadly attack on Malibu took place last month when a drone and rocket attack killed more than 110 people in a basic military mosque. Thousands sought refuge in Malibu after escaping fighting and shelling in camps and homes in the Malibu and Sana’a provinces.

There was a fierce battle on the battlefield between government forces and Saaa, Jawf and Marib’s Houthis. Yemeni military spokesman Abdullah Abdullah Majili said on Thursday that the government forces had cooperated with Al-Hajsis of Saim, Malibu, Dalae, Baida and Jaff’s Seva. Fierce fighting took place.

Magilli said on the Ministry of Defense news website that the loyal army was pushing Huhsis down a hill in Nehim after killing and injuring many insurgents.

In the northern province of Jawf, the army repelled the Meouun attack in the Metoun area. Majili said the fighter jets of the Saudi-led coalition were focused on Hu Xi military assembly and reinforcements in Jaff and Seva.

The current Yemeni conflict began at the end of 2014 when Houthis took over Sanaa and forced Hadi to camp at Aden, where he called for military assistance to curb Hussein’s military expansion. The Saudi-led coalition has helped Hardy’s army overthrow Hussein and take over 80% of the country’s control.

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