Yemen reports first coronavirus case 1

Yemen reports first coronavirus case


Dubai: An official statement said that Yemen, which suffered from war, reported the first case of coronavirus in the government-controlled southern province on Friday.

Aid organizations warn that when the virus does strike the country ’s damaged medical system (the UN says the system is facing the world ’s worst humanitarian disaster), the consequences will be catastrophic.

“The first confirmed case of coronavirus has been reported in Hadramout province,” the supreme national emergency committee for COVID-19 said on Twitter.

The committee is managed by the internationally recognized President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi (Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi) government. The infected person is in stable condition and receiving nursing care.

It added that the medical team and the relevant authorities had taken all necessary requests and promised to announce the details later on Friday.

In the past five years, thousands of Yemeni civilians have been killed in the war between the Huthi rebels and the Saudi-led military alliance supporting the government.

The coalition announced a unilateral two-week ceasefire on Wednesday, especially to prevent the coronavirus from entering the country, which has effectively paralyzed the health system.

Anwar Gargash, the UAE’s foreign minister and the alliance’s main partner, said Thursday that the coronavirus has overshadowed everything.

“The COVID-19 crisis eclipses everything — the international community must step up efforts & work together to protect the Yemeni people,” he said. 

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