Worldwide death toll from novel coronavirus crosses 60,000 1

Worldwide death toll from novel coronavirus crosses 60,000


Paris: According to statistics from the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center, deaths from new coronaviruses worldwide on Saturday exceeded 60,000.

Since the epidemic first hit China in December, 1,100,000 cases have been recorded in 190 countries and regions. In these cases, it is now believed that more than 230,000 have been recovered.

Many countries only test cases where hospitalization is required.

Italy registered the first coronavirus death at the end of February, causing 14,681 deaths, 119,827 infections and 19,758 recovery.

The number of registered deaths in Spain was 11,744 and the number of infections was 124,736.

To date, China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau) has declared 3,326 deaths and 81,639 cases, of which 76,755 recovered.

France reported 6,507 deaths and 83,165 cases.

The United States has the highest official number of infected people with 278,458 diagnosed cases, 7,159 deaths and 9,772 recoveries.

Europe has listed 603,778 cases and 43,146 deaths to date, the US and Canada together have 290,219 cases with 7,325 deaths, Asia 115,730 cases and 4,123 deaths, the Middle East 70,731 cases and 3,612 deaths, Latin America and the Caribbean 27,713 cases with 885 deaths, Africa 7,744 cases with 332 deaths and Oceania 6,407 cases with 33 deaths.

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