World to mark locked-down New Year's Eve

World to mark locked-down New Year’s Eve


Sydney: The world is ready for the new Thursday and the New Year, and pandemic control measures have ended the celebrations of billions of people eager to say goodbye to the virus-ridden 2020.

After a hard year, at least 1.7 million people died of Covid-19, but the new wave of infections triggered a new lockdown and forced potential revellers to extend their 2020 tradition of watching games from the couch.

From Sydney to Rome, firework shows, firewood burning and live performances will be watched online or on TV-if it hasn’t been cancelled completely.

The long-awaited 2021 headlights will begin in the Pacific countries of Kiribati and Samoa starting at 1000 GMT, while the uninhabited Howland and Baker islands will enter the New Year in 26 hours.

Although the Pacific islands have been spared the most damage from the pandemic, border restrictions, curfews and blockades all mean that New Year’s Eve this year will still look different.

In the palm-lined Taumeasina resort near Apia, the capital of Samoa, the manager Tuiataga Nathan Bucknall was happy to open it without restrictions on the number of visitors, but due to the state of emergency triggered by Covid, “we must be at 11 pm.” He said.

In Sydney, Australia’s largest city, fireworks will still illuminate the sparkling harbour with dazzling lights, but few people will watch it in person.

Among the approximately 150 new infections, the plan for commuting people was cancelled, and the traffic of these new infections in and out of Sydney was severely restricted.

It even proposed to abandon the proposal of allowing 5,000 front-line workers to replace the absent tourists from the former coastal port as a sign of gratitude.

Most Sydneysiders will only watch shows on TV at home, and parties are limited to five guests.

Similarly, the Romans will burn at the scene of Maximus at the circus of the ancient city stadium, while carrying out a two-hour event, performing artists’ performances and enjoying the beauty of iconic attractions.

Italy-The shocking images of temporary morgues and exhausted medical staff awakened the whole world and plunged it into the severity of the crisis-Italy has been locked down across the country until 10 pm on January 7 The curfew was imposed.

From France to Latvia to Brazil, police and (in some cases) military personnel are being deployed to ensure night curfews or prohibit mass gatherings.

In the hard-hit London, the 74-year-old American singer-songwriter Patti Smith (Patti Smith) will ring on the occasion of the New Year to mourn the National Health Service staff who died of Covid-19 in Piccadilly Circus Show on screen and play on YouTube.

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