World coronavirus cases top 5.5 million

World coronavirus cases top 5.5 million


Paris: According to Agence France-Presse official statistics starting Tuesday, 0740 GMT, more than 5.5 million new coronavirus cases have been officially announced worldwide, two thirds of which are in Europe and the United States.

At least 5,505,307 infections have been recorded, including 346,188 deaths, especially in Europe, the worst-hit continent, with 2,047,401 cases and 172,824 deaths, and in the United States, there are 1,662,768 cases and 98,223 deaths. The number of declared cases worldwide has doubled in one month, and over one million new COVID-19 cases have been registered in the past 11 days.

However, because many countries only detect severe cases or lack detection capabilities, the number of confirmed cases reflects only a small part of the actual number of infections.

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