India targatted PM Imran Khan's number through Israeli spyware

Will seal borders if Taliban try to take over Afghanistan: PM Imran


Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that if the Taliban try to take over Afghanistan, Pakistan will block the border with Afghanistan.

In an exclusive interview with US-based newspaper The New York Times on Friday, he said that Pakistan want a political solution to Afghanistan before the US withdrawal and Pakistan will recognize the government in Kabul by people’s vote.

Speaking of Pakistan-India relations, he said that Narendra Modi’s Hindu ideology was an obstacle to our progress, and added that as soon as he took the oath, he talked about improving relations with India.

The prime minister said that his main goal in coming to power is to alleviate poverty in Pakistan. The best way is to establish normal and civilized trade relations between India and Pakistan, which will benefit both countries.

To a question about if status quo remains on Kashmir, Imran Khan said, “I think it’s a disaster for India because it will just mean that this conflict festers on and on. And so as long as it festers, it’s going to stop there being any relationship — normal relationship — between Pakistan and India.”

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