Will not resign on someone else's wish: CM Murad

Will not resign on someone else’s wish: CM Murad


Islamabad: Sindh Chief Minister Said Murad Ali Shah reiterated on Wednesday that he will not resign because of the wishes of others, and stated that as long as he trusts the party’s leadership and lawmakers, he will continue to serve position.

In conversations with members of the media, CM Sindh stated that when the legislator in the Minister of Finance gave a speech, the opposition created a noise in the Sindh parliament.

He added that the speaker invited members of the opposition to attend the meeting and express their views, but they did not make any speeches for six days.

On the other hand, the Accountability Tribunal in Islamabad postponed the prosecution of CM Sindh’s false account case and again summoned all defendants for prosecution on July 28.

Earlier, the Minister of Information and Broadcasting Chowdhury Fawad Hussein criticized the Sindh provincial government for banning the opposition from entering the provincial assembly building.

In a tweet, he said that the opposition leader and eight other opposition lawmakers are not allowed to enter the Sindh Provincial Assembly, which is an example of the worst dictatorship.

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