Will never be able to forget visuals of farmers' protest, says Sonu Sood

Will never be able to forget visuals of farmers’ protest, says Sonu Sood


Islamabad: Actor Sonu Sood said that he felt very sad to see farmers protesting against the plight of the three new agricultural laws and hoped to solve their problems.

Thousands of farmers from Haryana, Punjab, and other states held demonstrations at Delhi border crossings to protest the new agricultural law. They were worried that the new agricultural law would undermine the minimum support price system and make them vulnerable to big companies. At the mercy.

The actor, who was lauded earlier this year for his efforts in helping the migrant workers during the coronavirus pandemic, said he doesn’t want to get into a debate as to who is right or wrong but only wants a timely solution to the problems of the farmers.

“It feels very sad. I do know there is a solution to every problem. I was born and brought up in Punjab, I have spent time with farmers and I believe Punjabi community can be convinced with love if we give them time,” Sood said during a virtual session.

“They are sitting at the highway, shivering, with little kids, some people have lost their lives, how long will we keep watching this?” he said. Sood said it is about time to hear and understand the grievances of the farmers. “When our family members are upset we try to cajole them, we don’t ignore them. I think we will have to go back to them, cajole them, listen to what they have to say and listen to each other. I believe everyone is trying to get a solution. A solution will definitely come out of this.” The 47-year-old actor further said that his heart goes out to the farmers who are on the roads and he gets saddened by the visuals from the agitation.

“Farmers, who usually at this time would be in their farms planting seeds, are now on the roads with their children… These visuals are something we will never be able to forget,” he added. Also part of the panel discussion was celebrated chef and filmmaker Vikas Khanna, who said that the protesting farmers need “guidance and solution”. “It hurts. My whole life is based on food. My voice comes from food. We know these people, we know their faces, when they talk we understand where they come from. “The pain they must be enduring right now “I think they all are looking for guidance and better solutions or leadership,” Khanna said. 

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