whole nation standing with Kashmiris brethren, reiterate President Alvi and PM Imran


ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Ali and Prime Minister Imran Khan Wednesday reiterated that Kashmir is Pakistan’s jugular vein and the whole nation is standing with Kashmiri brethren in their messages on the Quaid Day as Pakistan celebrates 143rd birth anniversary of Founder of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah with traditional zeal.

Dr. Alif Alvi said that today marks a special day in the history of the motherland. Today we witnessed the birth of a great leader who changed the geography of the African continent and gave us our homeland, our own Pakistan.

He said that Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah was a visionary who envisioned the independence, needs and political direction of Muslims in the subcontinent, adding that even today, his vision and vision can also be seen under the current circumstances. Occupy Kashmir in India and India.

The president said that Pakistan is a resilient country and we have embarked on the path of development and development that the Father of the Nation envisages with Almighty Allah. He said today that by paying tribute to this great leader, we must unite and reconfirm our belief in his teachings. Let “Unity, Faith and Discipline” be the cornerstones of our future growth and progress. May Allah be with us. Sinbad, Pakistan.

On the other hand, Prime Minister Imran Khan said in a speech that today the whole country should honor the national Quaid-Azam Mohammed Ali Kinner with high respect. -Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah). Model character, selflessness and loyalty to the cause of independent Muslim homes. His appeal has inspired South Asian Muslims in difficult times and circumstances.

He said that Quaid-e-Azam was one of the great and visionary leaders of the 20th century, he inspired millions around the world and was pioneered by Quaid. The freedom movement embodies its political insight and wisdom, and its strong commitment to the ideals of democracy and the rule of law until its last breath.

Imran Khan said the world today is witnessing a distortion of the secular view of the Indian constitution, discrimination and brutality against various minorities, especially Muslims, including the adoption of the Nationality Act 2019 and its consequences. Indeed, these developments confirm the belief of Quaid Azam Mohammed Ali Kinner that extreme Hindus in India will never allow Muslim minorities to live with respect and dignity.

The Prime Minister also said that today we must not forget that the oppressed people of occupied Chad RSS and Kashmir in India were confronted with the worst human rights violations in the hands of the government of the People’s Party inspired by fascism. Quaid-e-Azam refers to Kashmir as the “neck vein” of Pakistan, and on this day we confirm our dedication that the entire Pakistani nation is united and rock solid and stands behind their Kashmir brothers.

Khan said: “We thank Quaid-e-Azam for allowing us to live freely and to maintain our social, cultural and religious identity. To achieve our ideal of founding the founding fathers and the purpose of our ancestors In order to fully realize numerous sacrifices, we still have a long way to go We can achieve all of these goals by re-aligning ourselves with the guiding principles of the Father of the Nation. to pay homage to his birthday is to stick to his principles of solidarity, beliefs and discipline, which for us The lighthouse that makes Naye Pakistan a real Quaid is Pakistan. “

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