WhatsApp defends encryptions it tops 2 billion users


San Francisco: Facebook’s WhatsApp messaging service said Wednesday that it has more than 2 billion users worldwide because it reiterated its commitment to strengthen encryption to protect privacy.

WhatsApp, which was acquired by Facebook in 2014, has become one of the most used services in the Facebook family of apps and offers free messages and voice and video calls.

The WhatsApp blog post said, “Private conversations that once could only be conducted face-to-face can now be conducted over long distances through live chat and video calls.”

“There are many important and special moments on WhatsApp, and we are honored and honored to reach this milestone.”

The statement says that WhatsApp remains committed to its “strong encryption” feature, allowing users to connect privately even when law enforcement agencies in the United States and elsewhere need more access.

WhatsApp says, “Strong encryption is a necessity in modern life. We won’t compromise on security because it will reduce people’s security.”

“For more protection, we partner with the best security experts to use industry-leading technology to stop abuse and provide a way to manage and report problems – without sacrificing privacy.”

Last week, child protection groups on Facebook called to end their plans for strong coding on all its platforms, saying that predators could move freely.

WhatsApp uses “end-to-end encryption”, and in many cases even court orders can prevent users from accessing users.

The social network is working on expanding end-to-end encryption in its messaging applications, including Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

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