We will reach Islamabad, send puppet govt packing: Bilawal

We will reach Islamabad, send puppet govt packing: Bilawal


Lahore: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari said on Sunday that the fake government came to power under the direction of the referee, while the PDM was challenging the fake government’s mediation. People empower the people.

Addressing the PDM’s Lahore rally on Sunday, he said that he was very happy to address the heart of Punjab in Lahore and late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto founded his party from this city.

Bilawal said, “We will march towards Islamabad and demand the resignation of the selected and incompetent prime minister, adding that no one can divide the joint opposition. We will drive out the puppet government.”

“Selectors, listen clearly, you will have to listen to the public s voice, you will have to accept their decision […] the time for dialogue is gone, now there will be a long march,” the PPP chairman said.

He went on to say that stop making phone calls and stop trying to establish contacts as no differences can divide the joint opposition. The dialogues will only be held once the PDM chased the puppet out, he said.

“It was unfortunate that selectors always formed governments of their choice,” he said and added we now jointly say that this must end now as we have given our blood for democracy. He said, “We will defend democracy with our blood. This fake government came to power thanks on the instructions of the empire.”

Bivaral further stated that the opposition wanted the people to regain the right to rule, adding that this was not a fight for power, but to provide bread, clothing and shelter to the poor (Rorti, Capra Oma Kan) war, and this war is a war for all people including youth and workers. “We (the opposition party) abandoned political differences and stood on the PDM platform.”

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