War in Gaza benefits PM Netanyahu, claims Israeli lawmaker

War in Gaza benefits PM Netanyahu, claims Israeli lawmaker


Karachi: An Israeli congressman stated that the Gaza war provided a lifeline for the embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Knesset member Mossi Raz said that the ongoing Palestinian crisis has benefited Prime Minister Netanyahu and supported the right of the Palestine to have an independent homeland.

Raz is a member of Meretz, a left-wing, social-democratic and green political party in Israel.

“The war in Gaza will benefit Netanyahu. The use of force is not the solution,” the politician said amid Israeli attacks that have killed hundreds of Palestinians, including children, while the international community sit idle.

Raz said, “a separate state for the Palestinians can help resolve the dispute and vowed to raise his voice for a ceasefire in Knesset.”

Netanyahu is facing corruption charges and could have been removed from the office of prime minister had the war in Gaza not started.

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is pressing an aggressive campaign against Hamas, targeting its leaders, strategic infrastructure and military sites…… The operation could aid Mr Netanyahu’s other vital goal of staying in power,” the WSJ reported on Saturday.

One week earlier, it added, Netanyahu’s opponents were poised to unseat him and form a new government, potentially ending the rule of the country’s longest-serving leader as he faces corruption charges.

The WSJ said that the past six days of national turmoil have offered the Israeli prime minister a political lifeline.

“Netanyahu has always thrived in environments of uncertainty, of chaos and crisis,” Mitchell Barak, an Israeli pollster and director of Keevoon Global Research, told the newspaper.

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