Virus has exposed autonomy claims after 18th Amend: Fayyazul Hassan Chohan

Virus has exposed autonomy claims after 18th Amend: Fayyazul Hassan Chohan


DERA GHAZI KHAN: Punjab Information Minister said on Thursday corona virus had exposed opposition parties’ claim that provinces would get stronger after the 18th Amendment.

In DG Khan’s media speech, he said that the provinces were fully exposed after the pandemic, and it turned out that the provinces could not use the financial autonomy granted by the Article 18 amendment.

He said that the provinces cannot distribute the funds received from the center fairly based on the regional NFC awards.

He particularly targeted former chief minister Shahbaz Sharif who, he said, now claim to be the champion of the 18th Amendment. He said the self-proclaimed Khadim-e-Aala had not spent a single penny on South Punjab from the provincial share he got under the NFC Award after the 18th Amendment.

Instead, he said that Mr. Sharif spent most of Punjab ’s funds on development in only four regions (Lahore, Rawalpindi, Gujranwala and Faisalabad) until 2018 . He criticized Shabaz Sharif for ignoring southern Punjab and other parts of the province, leading to a feeling of deprivation

He said that this was Shahbaz Sharif’s treason, and said that he caused great injustice to the people and gave the 18th Amendment a bad reputation.

Chohan said that it is time to implement the positive things in the 18th Amendment and eliminate negative views. He said that without consensus, this is impossible.

He said that all political parties should unite and revise the amendment.

He praised Chief Minister Usman Buzdar for launching many development projects in southern Punjab, and also praised Prime Minister Imran Khan for choosing one of the most neglected areas in Punjab. Calm and calm provincial executive head. Save and prove again and again that his critics are wrong.

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