Venezuela’s top prosecutor requests extradition of U.S. veteran accused in plot

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Caracas: Venezuela ’s chief prosecutor Tarek Saab said Friday that his office had requested the detention and extradition of American veteran Jordan Goudreau and two Venezuelans who were The accusation was involved in an armed invasion earlier this week.

Saab said that two opposition politicians, Goudreau and Venezuela, Juan Rendon, a political strategist in Miami, and Sergio Vergara, an exile congressman Participated in the “design financing and execution” of the plan to invade and overthrow Socialist President Nicolas Maduro.

Goudreau, the chief executive of Florida security company Silvercorp USA, is responsible for the plan, which killed eight people and detained more than ten people, including two dissident American citizens of the Venezuelan security forces.

Lunden said that although he negotiated an agreement with Silvercorp in the second half of last year, he disconnected from Goudreau in November, and Goudeau took the failed action alone. Vergara did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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