Utility stores increase prices of edibles items

Utility stores increase prices of edibles items


Islamabad: The Utility Store Corporation (USC) increased the prices of basic products of various brands.

According to the notice issued on Saturday, the price of ghee rose by 96 rupees per kilogram, and with the increase of 370 rupees per liter, the price of corn cooking oil rose from 500 rupees per liter to 870 rupees.

The price of 1.2 kg of tea whitener increased by 40 rupees, and the price of small boxes of various sweets, including custard and pudding, increased by 10 rupees.

The price of 50 grams of face cream has risen by 40 rupees, the tissue box has risen by 15 rupees, the tissue roll has risen by 5 rupees, and a box of black pepper has risen by 10 rupees.

Prices of chili garlic, barbecue, pizza sauce, soap, tea mixes and liquid floor cleaners have also increased.

The notice added that according to the Prime Minister’s relief plan, prices will not apply to certain brands offered by the store.

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