US, Turkey discuss Idlib escalation


Ankara: NATO and Washington’s diplomatic involvement in the military escalation of Idlib has led to a debate on whether the United States is on its way back to a war of exhaustion, where balance of power is crucial.

US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft said in a speech to the UN Security Council on 6 February that Turkey has responded to the “unreasonable attack” of the US on the Syrian regime in Idlib. support.

Ambassador James Jeffrey, special representative for Syrian warfare, also visited Tuesday the day after the Idlib regime killed five Turkish soldiers and met senior Turkish officials and discussed the situation in Syria.

“We look forward to fruitful discussions with NATO ally Turkey,” tweeted the US embassy in Syria. For Timothy Ash, a senior strategist in emerging markets at Bluebay Asset Management in London, “the problem is Putin’s attempt to do so by pushing Erdogan so aggressively into Idlib. What? He risked pushing Turkey back to the United States. “

Samuel Ramani, a geopolitical analyst at Oxford University, is interesting that the United States supports Turkey’s right to self-defense in Idlib, in contrast to previous cross-border operations of Ankara in northern Syria.

“Even if policy makers in Ankara cannot fully trust the United States, this symbolically reinforces Turkey’s negotiating position with Russia,” he said.

Ramani believes that the United States sees the tension between Russia and Syria in the Syrian peace process and Idlib as an opportunity to resume relations with Ankara on its terms.

“I also believe that the US hand is forced to act because the US cannot respond to military actions that killed NATO members.”

“Turkey’s efforts to boycott Assad’s accession to Idlib are reflected in the United States policy to escalate Assad’s international isolation, for example Caesars’ sanctions against potential international investors in Syria, and Sam Solimani ceased before his death in the United States. “

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