US to remove Sudan from terrorism list on Monday: embassy

US to remove Sudan from terrorism list on Monday: embassy


Khartoum: A US decision to remove Sudan from a list of state sponsors of terrorism came into effect on Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said, ending a designation in place since 1993 that has weighed on the Sudanese economy and curbed financial assistance.

The removal of the name from the list provided the impetus to the transitional government authorities, which were succeeded by former President Omar al-Bashir last year, and are facing a severe economic crisis.

A 45-day U.S. Congressional review period followed President Donald Trump s announcement that he would end the listing, days before he announced that Israel and Sudan intend to normalise relations.

“This achievement was made possible by the efforts of Sudan s civilian-led transitional government to chart a bold new course away from the legacy of the Bashir regime and, in particular, to meet the statutory and policy criteria for rescission,” Pompeo said in a statement issued in Washington.

Pompeo said the move represented a fundamental change for bilateral ties towards greater cooperation.

The U.S. embassy in Khartoum had earlier announced Sudan s imminent official removal from the terrorism list.

Sudan has held talks with the United States for several months and negotiated a settlement for the victims of the attack on the US Embassy in East Africa for US$335 million. These victims won large sums of money against Sudan in court.

The procedures for restoring Sudan’s sovereign immunity and releasing settlement funds have stalled in Congress.

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