US Supreme Court to take on Trump taxes and presidential immunity

US Supreme Court to take on Trump taxes and presidential immunity


Washington: Can Donald Trump refuse to hand over his tax returns and financial records to Congress and New York prosecutors? The Supreme Court discussed the issue of this political charge on Tuesday, and it can take this opportunity to better determine the scope of the president ’s immunity.

The nine justices of the High Court are restricted by the new coronavirus pandemic at home, and they will call the lawyers of both parties on the phone during a live teleconference.

The hearing originally scheduled for late March is now held to allow time for the judge to make a decision before the November presidential election, as Trump is seeking a second term.

The former real estate tycoon used his luck as an argument in the 2016 campaign and was the first president to deny his tax return since acting in 1970 on behalf of Richard Nixon-sparking the true value and possibility Guessing about financial entanglement.

Author and educator Steven Mazie said in a webinar: “There is clearly something in these documents that the president does not want us to see.”

Since regaining control of the House of Representatives in the 2018 midterm elections, the Democratic opposition has been eager to find out what this “ stuff ” might be.

Several congressional committees have issued subpoenas to Trump ’s long-term accounting firm Mazars, as well as Deutsche Bank and Capital One, requesting Trump to provide financial records for the period 2011-2018.

Manhattan prosecutor Cyrus Vance is a Democrat, and at the same time, Massas made a similar request for payment to porn actress Stormy Daniels. Part of the investigation was to keep her silent about her alleged contact with the billionaire.

Trump immediately sued to prevent the document from being released.

He tweeted: “What they are doing is illegal.

After losing the lawsuit in the lower court, Trump turned to the highest legal institution in the United States. Among the nine judicial panels, there are two conservative Trump appointees, and the High Court turned a clear path to the right.

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