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US snow storm: Texans get power back as water crisis spreads


Texas Governor Greg Abbott said on Thursday that although the power plant has resumed operation, after winter storms and cold winds, thousands of houses are still in darkness due to disconnected lines and other problems. in.

While welcoming the progress, other Texas leaders warned that the state’s energy grid will remain extremely “fragile” for a few days, and the problematic cold weather will continue throughout the weekend.

Approximately 325,000 homes still have no electricity, down from 2.7 million on Wednesday, and water services to more than 13 million Texans were interrupted.

Energy operators and national leaders, including Abbott, have faced severe criticism for prolonged shutdowns caused by low-temperature freezing that began four days ago.

Abbott said he has asked state legislators to push through laws mandating that all energy generation plants in Texas “winterize” their facilities like those in colder states do in the hope that future cold snaps don’t result in electrical grid failures.

“What happened this week to our fellow Texans is absolutely unacceptable and can never be replicated again,” Abbott told an afternoon news conference.

The governor lashed out at the Texas Electric Reliability Commission (ERCOT), which is responsible for 90% of the state’s electricity. He said that before the storm, he told officials that the grid was prepared for cold weather.

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