US seeks to salvage Afghan peace after attacks but leverage wanes

US seeks to salvage Afghan peace after attacks but leverage wanes


Washington: After the shocking attack, the United States is working hard to save the peace process in Afghanistan. As it plans to advance at full speed to end its longest war, the leverage of the United States is shrinking.

The agreement between President Donald Trump ’s government and the Taliban on February 29 stipulates that all troops will be withdrawn by mid-2021, which is the result of the US invasion and the expulsion of the Islamic guerrilla regime after the September 11 attacks. Nearly two decades later.

But the planned talks between the Taliban and the Kabul government never started. President Ashraf Ghani announced after the violence this week that he would resume the offensive against the rebels.

In a shocking brutal act, gunmen rammed into an obstetric ward in Kabul on Tuesday, killing 24 people, including newborns who have not yet seen the outside world.

The United States said it believed that the attacks on the Shiite Muslim community were not carried out by the Taliban, but were initiated by Islamic State group-Sunni extremists who incited the bloody sectarian conflict in Iraq and Syria.

South Africa expert Michael Cogman of the Woodrow Wilson International Scholars Center said: “I think the current US policy is deaf.”

He said: “This does not take into account the anger of the public and the anger of the Afghan government, because this series of attacks, even by the terrible standards of Afghanistan, is particularly shocking.”

“The Trump administration essentially calls on Kabul to double the peace process, and the Afghan government says that at least for now, the peace process has not officially begun.”

-There is no choice but to seek peace-

Senior U.S. diplomat Zalmay Khalilzad (Zalmay Khalilzad) spent a year reaching an agreement with the Taliban in the Qatar hotel, saying that the rebels are fulfilling their bargaining obligations.

He condemned the Taliban ’s deadly truck bomb attack on a military base on Thursday, but said the militants never promised to stop fighting the Afghan forces.

Khalilzad said that the Taliban violated the “spirit” of the agreement. The rebels did not attack coalition forces or targets in major cities-and emphasized that the main priority of the United States is to ensure the Taliban rebels IS and Al Qaeda.

He warned that the IS team is seeking to undermine peace efforts.

Khalilzad told reporters on Friday: “Although the recent violence has raised questions about the peace process and the road to peace, we knew this from the beginning.”

He said: “There is nothing to get along with peacefully.”

He said that a political settlement will “reduce the burden on the United States” and “ensure that Afghanistan will never become a platform to attack the United States or allies.”

Even in polarized Washington, efforts to stop Trump ’s “endless war” and accomplish unpopular Afghanistan missions have received widespread support.

Trump ’s presumptive Democratic rival Joe Biden in the November election is one of the most critical voices of the Afghan war in the Barack Obama administration and has promised to retire from the presidency.

The criticism comes mainly from conservative Republicans, including representatives of Liz Cheney, the daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, who accused the deal of giving concessions to extremists, but failed to confirm that the Taliban will keep its promise .

-U.S. leverage problem-

Both Ghani and the Taliban barely agreed to the peace talks proposed by Norway in March.

Laurel Miller was the special representative of Afghanistan and Pakistan under the leadership of Obama and Trump.

After Secretary of State Mike Pompeo cut $ 1 billion in aid to cash-scarce countries, Ghani and his painful running opponent Abdullah Abdullah seem to be reaching a compromise.

Miller, the head of Asian crisis, an international crisis organization that studies the crisis and resolves conflicts peacefully, said that the United States has lost the way to pressure the Taliban.

“The current US government has made it clear that it wants to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. So, how credible is the remaining threat?” She said.

“Ultimately, the United States cannot achieve the peace process.

“It can help create conditions for the peace process, can promote and urge all parties to move toward the peace process, can try to promote the peace process and provide supporters for the peace process internationally, but in reality it cannot achieve this goal.

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