US sanctions Chinese, Russian firms over Iran dealings

US sanctions Chinese, Russian firms over Iran dealings


Washington: The United States has announced economic sanctions against Chinese and Russian companies, and Washington has stated that it has supported Iran and Iran’s missile programs.

The four firms, accused of “transferring sensitive technology and items to Iran’s missile program,” will be subject to restrictions on US government aid and on their exports for two years, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement.

The sanctions imposed on Wednesday targeted two Chinese companies, Chengdu Jiaxin Materials Co., Ltd. and Zibo Yilin Trading Company, as well as Russia’s Nierko Group and joint-stock company Elecon.

“We will continue to work to impede Iran’s missile development efforts and use our sanctions authorities to spotlight the foreign suppliers, such as these entities in the PRC (China) and Russia, that provide missile-related materials and technology to Iran,” Pompeo added.

President Donald Trump withdrew the US in 2018 from the Iran nuclear deal established three years prior under then-President Barack Obama.

Trump has since reimposed crippling sanctions on the Islamic republic in what he calls a campaign of “maximum pressure.”

Since then, the Trump administration has also shown its determination to sanction any foreign countries or companies that do not comply with Iran’s policies.

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