US records highest death toll in a single day, confirmed cases rise to 600,000 1

US records highest death toll in a single day, confirmed cases rise to 600,000


The United States recorded the highest number of coronavirus deaths in a single day, with more than 2,200 deaths on Tuesday.

According to John Hopkins, the total number of deaths in the country is close to 25,757.

New York is the most severely affected American city in the coronavirus pandemic. On Tuesday, its official COVID-19 death toll was greatly increased to more than 10,000, including victims who were assumed to have died of lung disease but had never been tested.

New cumulative figures for “confirmed and possible COVID-19 deaths” released by the New York City Department of Health mark a sharp increase in more than 3,700 deaths officially caused by this highly contagious disease since March 11.

The number of reported deaths surged by 60%, highlighting the huge losses suffered by the country ’s most populous city, and the alarm sounds almost uninterruptedly on empty streets within a few weeks.

The city ’s revised total is 10,367, increasing the number of deaths from coronavirus nationwide to more than 28,300, with New York being the most deadly.

According to Reuters statistics, as of Tuesday, only a small percentage of Americans have been tested for coronavirus, and the number of known infections has climbed to more than 600,000.

US public health authorities usually attribute death only to COVID-19, a respiratory disease caused by a new coronavirus when patients test positive for the virus.

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