US records 743 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours

US records 743 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours


Washington: According to Johns Hopkins followers, the United States recorded 743 new coronavirus deaths within 24 hours on Monday. Since the global pandemic began, its total has reached 105,099.

The country has officially recorded 1,809,109 cases of COVID-19, and the tracker established by the Baltimore-based university is shown at 8:30 pm (Tuesday 0030 GMT).

To date, the number of deaths and cases in the United States is the most serious in the world.

According to a report collected by AFP from official sources, since the virus appeared in China in late 2019, it has killed at least 373,439 people worldwide.

In the United States, states have begun to relax restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of viruses to varying degrees.

However, in the face of violent protests following the death of George Floyd detained by the Minneapolis police, several major cities in the United States have imposed curfews. George Freud, an unarmed black man, was killed last week after a white officer knelt down for nine minutes.

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