Taliban warns of 'consequences' if US delays troop withdrawal

US pullout nears completion as Afghan forces battle Taliban


Washington: The Afghan authorities vowed on Tuesday to retake all areas taken by the Taliban because the U.S. forces are about to withdraw from Afghanistan.

On the second day after more than 1,000 government troops fled to neighboring Tajikistan, hundreds of commandos were deployed to counter the fierce rebel offensive in the north.

The US Central Command announced that US President Joe Biden ordered the withdrawal of troops from the country in April, which has now completed more than 90%. This highlights that the Afghan army is increasingly relying on itself in the fight against the hardline Islamist Taliban.

Fighting raged in several provinces, but the destructive movement of the insurgents, mainly concentrated in the northern rural areas, occupied dozens of areas in the past two months.

“There is war, there is pressure. Sometimes things are working our way. Sometimes they don t, but we will continue to defend the Afghan people,” National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib told reporters.

“We have plans to retake the districts,” he added.

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