US passes dire milestone of 100,000 COVID-19 deaths

US passes dire milestone of 100,000 COVID-19 deaths


Washington: Just four months ago, I did not expect that as the pandemic became more and more tightly controlled in Latin America, the United States on Wednesday broke the severe milestone of 100,000 coronavirus deaths.

The European Union announced a large-scale recovery plan to strengthen its rise from the crisis, and the disastrous US figures remind people that the entire hard-hit America has been damaged.

According to statistics compiled by Johns Hopkins University, the number of confirmed deaths in the United States was 1,047, with 1.69 million infections, before 2200 GMT.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi paused during a news conference to note the staggering toll of the “villainous virus,” even as states cautiously re-open their shuttered, devastated economies.

“Little did we know we would be coming here almost at the exact time when our country would be registering 100,000 people dying from the coronavirus,” Pelosi said.

Joe Biden, the Democratic Party s presumptive presidential nominee, noted the grisly landmark by speaking directly to suffering families.

“To those hurting, I m so sorry for your loss,” the former vice president said via tweet. “The nation grieves with you.”

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