US networks break from live Trump address due to 'lies'

US networks break from live Trump address due to ‘lies’


Washington: Several U.S. television networks concluded on Thursday night that Donald Trump had made his first public appearance since election night, after he believed that the president was spreading false information.

Trump made a lot of inflammatory and baseless claims in his 17-minute speech, insisting that Democrats used “illegal voting” to “steal our election.”

When the President delivered his speech, the count of delayed votes in the battlefield countries showed that Democrat Joe Biden had steadily ended his victory.

“OK, here we are again in the unusual position of not only interrupting the president of the United States but correcting the president of the United States,” said MSNBC anchor Brian Williams, as the network quickly ended its live coverage.

NBC and ABC News also cancelled their live coverage of Trump.

“What a sad night for the United states of America to hear their president say that, to falsely accuse people of trying to steal the election,” said CNN’s Jake Tapper.

He described it as “lie after lie after lie about the election being stolen,” with no evidence, “just smears.” 

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