US nears 6 million cases of coronavirus

US nears 6 million cases of coronavirus


Washington: On Sunday, as countries around the world fight to contain the epidemic, the United States has approached 6 million coronavirus cases, accounting for nearly a quarter of the planet’s total.

As countries tighten restrictions to stop the health crisis that endangers the lives of most people, the global coronavirus infections have soared to more than 25 million.

According to statistics from Agence France-Presse, since mid-July, about one million cases have been detected every four days in the world, and India set a record for a single-day increase of 78,761 cases on Sunday.

Trackers at Johns Hopkins University said that as of 0030 GMT, the United States, the world’s worst-hit country, has recorded 5.99 million infections. The death toll just exceeded 183,000.

Trackers say the United States reached 5 million cases three weeks ago, and only 17 days after reaching 4 million cases.

The virus has plunged the world’s largest US economy into trouble and cast a shadow over the once-promising re-election prospects of President Donald Trump.

As Trump faces tremendous pressure to contain the infection, Stephen Hahn, the head of the US Food and Drug Administration, raised the possibility that a vaccine that is still elusive may be used to ensure its safety and effectiveness. Obtain emergency approval before the end of the sexual trial.

Even in countries such as New Zealand and South Korea, the virus has proven to be a tenacious enemy. These countries have basically controlled their epidemics before, but are now fighting new infections.

On the other side of the world, Latin America-the worst-hit region-is still struggling to cope with its first wave, with the number of Covid-19 deaths in Brazil exceeding 120,000, second only to the United States.

Nearly 855,000 people worldwide have died of Covid-19, and because there is no vaccine or effective treatment, the government is forced to resort to some form of social distancing and lockdown measures to stop the spread of the virus.

Starting from Monday, the use of masks on public transport and flights in New Zealand will be mandatory. Before the emergence of the current cluster, the masks had been without local transmission for more than 100 days.

South Korea began implementing strict virus containment measures on Sunday, which is also fighting against new clusters-including the Seoul area, which is located in half of the country’s population.

In Iraq, this is one of the largest Muslim gatherings since the pandemic began. Thousands of Shiite pilgrims wearing gloves and masks flooded the holy city of Karbala to commemorate Ashura.

Normally, thousands of Shiites from all over the world flocked in, but this year’s commemoration was restrained by employees spraying disinfection mist, checking the temperature and strengthening social evacuation.

“It stands out because there are so few people,” said Fadel Hakim, a blue medical mask cupping his chin.

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