US military's toll in Kabul bombing rises to 13: Pentagon

US military’s toll in Kabul bombing rises to 13: Pentagon


Washington: The U.S. Department of Defense said on Thursday that the number of U.S. troops killed in the suicide bombing at Kabul Airport increased by one to 13, and the number of wounded was 18.

“A thirteenth US service member has died from his wounds suffered as a result of the attack on Abbey Gate,” Central Command spokesman Captain Bill Urban said in a statement.

Ten of those killed and several wounded were US Marines, Marine Corps spokesman Major Jim Stenger said in a statement.

“We mourn the loss of these Marines and pray for their families,” Stenger said.

“Our Marines will continue the mission, carrying on our Corps  legacy of always standing ready to meet the challenges of every extraordinary task our Nation requires,” he said.

The military has not provided any details of the attack, which was carried out by the Afghan branch of the Islamic State’s jihadist organization.

Access to the periphery of the airport is controlled by the Taliban, and the airport gate is managed by the Marine Corps and other forces under close guard.

After the Taliban seized control of the government, they were responsible for allowing thousands of people to enter the airport every day in an attempt to flee the country.

General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of the US Central Command, said Thursday that this requires them to check the travel documents and security risks of evacuees.

“We have to check people before they get onto the airfield,” McKenzie said.

“We can t do that with standoff. You ultimately have to get very close to that person,” he said.

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