US may not withdraw troops from Afghanistan by May 1: report


According to the Washington Post, according to the agreement reached between Doha and the Taliban in Afghanistan, the United States may not complete its withdrawal from Afghanistan before May 1.

The administration of former US President Donald Trump reached an agreement in Doha in February 2020 that the US military will withdraw from war-torn countries before May 1.

Even though the Joe Biden administration is yet to decide on the troop withdrawal, sources within the US government and former officials believe that the deadline may be extended.

Laurel Miller, a former aide on Afghanistan in the Obama and Trump administrations, told the Post that it would be “unfathomable” for the US to pull out American forces in the next 60 days without jeopardising the Afghan peace process.

Miller believes that the expansion of the United States is very likely, which is what the Taliban in Afghanistan expect.

The publication reported that the Biden administration believes that as violence in Afghanistan continues, the Taliban have not yet complied with the Doha Agreement.

“I think there is some work to do to get them [Afghan Taliban] to full compliance,” a senior administration official told the publication earlier this month.

The official noted that the Joe Biden administration believes the Afghan Taliban have not fully broken off with al-Qaeda.

Even if the publication reports, the Afghan Taliban expect to extend the withdrawal period.

Afghan Taliban spokesman for their Doha office, Mohammad Naeem said that Washington has not officially communicated any change in the exit timeline.

“We have an agreement which is signed by the United States, a superpower and backed by the United Nations and the international community. They have to follow it,” said Naeem.

The Washington Post reported that military leaders told the Biden administration that leaving Afghanistan too early could lead to civil war and increase the possibility of terrorist attacks against the United States.

The publication reported that some military officials even warned that there is not enough time to leave the country.

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