US Justice Dept drops case against ex-Trump aide Flynn

US Justice Dept drops case against ex-Trump aide Flynn


Washington: The United States Department of Justice withdrew its indictment against former White House national security adviser Michael Flynn on Thursday, giving President Donald Trump a major political victory.

The Defense Ministry said in a document that this was almost an unheard reversal, because Flynn ’s confession in an interview with the FBI in contact with Russia in December 2017 was meaningless because the lies were insignificant.

It also said that the FBI’s initial investigation (which was part of an extensive counterintelligence investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election) had no “legal basis for investigation.”

The decision of the intimate attorney general of the Trump allies, Bill Barr, effectively overturned the work of the department and the FBI in Barr ’s predecessor for 18 months.

Over the past three years, Trump ’s allegations have also increased Trump ’s allegations that the Russian investigation is a political “witch hunt”.

Trump said on Thursday: “The Obama administration had targeted him, and his goal was to try to overthrow the president, and all they did was a shame.”

After the initial investigation, he targeted officials of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Justice.

He said: “I hope many people are willing to pay a high price for this, because they are dishonest benders. They are scum, I often say. They are scum, human scum.”

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