US hits 5 million virus cases as Trump criticised over relief package

US hits 5 million virus cases as Trump criticised over relief package


Washington: On Sunday, the President of the United States reached the extraordinary milestone of 5 million coronavirus cases, as President Donald Trump was accused of unilaterally extending the virus relief program, flo according to the Constitution.

The United States was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, recording more than 162,000 deaths-the highest of all countries so far, after Brazil, which became the second country to die 100,000 on Saturday.

According to official data compiled by Agence France-Presse, the global death toll has been at least 727,288 since the emergence of the new coronavirus in China in December last year.

Almost 20 million cases have been registered worldwide-probably only a small part of the actual number of infections.

In most parts of the world, Malawi, a small African country, implemented strict social restrictions on Sunday to curb the disease, closing all bars and churches, and the hot weekend weather attracted Europeans to the beach.

In Washington, the new virus relief package — announced by Trump on Saturday after talks between Republican and Democrat lawmakers hit a wall — was “absurdly unconstitutional,” senior Democrat Nancy Pelosi told CNN.

Fellow Democrat and Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer, appearing on ABC, dismissed Trump s unilateral measures as “unworkable, weak and far too narrow.”

However, as the country’s economy is still struggling to dig out a huge loophole, the Democrats seem to be skimping on any legal challenges they consider to be seriously inadequate.

Four executive orders signed by Trump at the Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey on Saturday will intermittently delay payroll taxes and provide some temporary unemployment benefits.

It is believed that the president is keen to show that he takes decisive action before the November 3 general election, which may cause him to step down. Opinion polls show that most voters are not satisfied with his handling of the crisis.

-Summer crowd-

Democrats say the president’s order violated Congress’s constitutional mandate for the federal budget.

But when asked about possible legal actions, Pelosi disagreed. He said: “(Whether) legal or not will take time to figure out.”

White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow (Larry Kudlow) defended the new measures.

He said: “Maybe we will file a lawsuit against them. In any case, we will continue to take action.”

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement on Sunday that Trump “is fully committed to ensuring that hard-working Americans and businesses continue to have the resources they need when our country’s security reopens.”

Trump’s Democratic opposition in the presidential election, Joe Biden, tweeted that the five million coronavirus cases are “really incredible and heartbreaking.”

He said: “It shouldn’t get so bad.”

Elsewhere, the increase in infections in Paris and its surrounding areas has prompted French officials to enforce the use of masks in crowded areas and tourist hotspots in cities and surrounding areas since Monday.

The police statement said that the police statement, including the “bank of the Seine” and more than one hundred streets in the French capital, said that this mask is a must for all people aged 11 and over in “very crowded areas” .

As temperatures soar across Western Europe, holidaymakers still crowd the beaches on weekends despite warnings about the risk of infection.

German local authorities warned that some beaches and lakes will be closed if there are too many people.

At the same time, Belgian police arrested several people in the resort of Blankenberge on Saturday after they had been told to leave for an argument on the beach between officials and youths who refused to comply with virus safety measures.

Approximately 5,000 people demonstrated in Vienna. They have increased financial support for nightlife and relaxation of coronavirus regulations.

Back in the United States, because of another defiance of the health warning, thousands of cyclists gathered in a small town in South Dakota, which was known as the world’s largest bicycle gathering.

In the past few years, Sturgis’ 10-day rally has attracted thousands of cyclists to socialize, drink and party, which has made some locals worry that this year’s version might become super Spread activities.

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