US election campaign enters final day with nation on edge

US election campaign enters final day with nation on edge


Washington: On the last day of the US presidential election on Monday, Donald Trump and Joe Biden competed for votes at the last minute, ending an unusual contest that made this Countries plagued by pandemics are on the fringe.

However, although the campaign will stop and voters will express their opinions on Tuesday, due to the large number of mailed ballots and possible legal challenges, people still have many questions about how to know the results as soon as possible.

These factors, coupled with the unprecedented integration of social justice protests, coronavirus preventive measures, and President Trump’s panic campaign, have caused people to worry about whether unrest will break out.

Without a chance, companies in some cities have closed their windows, and the harsh political atmosphere across the country has led to heated debates, and in some cases even split families.

According to the records of the non-partisan US Elections Project, more than 93 million people voted earlier, including in person and by mail, to prove how many Americans have received hype and may even be The pandemic was frightened.

With the countdown of working hours on Monday and opinion polls showing he is behind, Trump will hold another five rallies in North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin to repeat the marathon performance of the previous day.

Biden will also be in Pennsylvania-including a rally with pop singer Lady Gaga-and Cleveland, Ohio.

To inspire Democrats and prevent accidents like 2016, Barack Obama will appear in Georgia and then rally on the eve of the election in Miami.

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