US election betting odds point to 50-50 chance

US election betting odds point to 50-50 chance


Betting market odds on the US presidential election have begun to tighten once again after clearly flipping overnight in favour of Republican President Donald Trump over Democratic candidate Joe Biden, according to data from three aggregators.

As of 1000 GMT, the UK-based Smarkets exchange provides Trump and Biden with almost equal chances of winning, while Trump’s probability is 51%. Overnight, Trump’s odds have reached 80%.

Odds for a Biden win have fallen to 49% from 61% on Tuesday.

The shift came after Biden overtook Trump in the battleground state of Wisconsin with an estimated 89% of the vote tallied so far. Trump has 49% and Biden has 49.3% of vote, according to Edison Research.

Trump earlier falsely claimed that he defeated Biden on Wednesday. Millions of votes have not been counted in the White House game. This cannot be determined until a few states complete the counting of votes in the next few hours or days. .

The shift in the overnight betting market was mainly due to the fact that Trump appeared to maintain Florida’s main swing state due to his outstanding performance in Miami-Dade County, which has a large Cuban population,” the market.

At 0800 GMT, bettors on the British betting exchange Betfair gave Trump a 62% chance of winning a second term in the White House, compared with 39% in the Tuesday morning poll. Biden’s odds of winning Betfair have dropped from 61% to 38%.

“With thousands of votes still to be counted, it remains a coin flip over who will be victorious, but for now Donald Trump is the punters’ pick,” Betfair spokesperson Sam Rosbottom said.

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