US election 2020: Joe Biden leads in polls, Donald Trump close in swing states

US election 2020: Joe Biden leads in polls, Donald Trump close in swing states


With the US election 2020 approaching, Democrat Joe Biden is ahead of President Donald Trump nationwide, but the Republican Party has maintained hope by remaining competitive in the states that may decide the White House campaign.

Due to the continuing public health crisis, Biden’s national leadership position as the Republican president has remained relatively stable in recent months. In the latest Reuters/Ipsos survey conducted on October 27-29, he led 51% to 43%.

But Trump still keeps his distance from Biden on enough state battlefields, enough to win him the 270 state electoral college votes needed for his second term. Reuters/Ipsos polls show that in Florida, North Carolina and Arizona, the game is still fierce.

Trump is also five points behind in Pennsylvania and nine points behind in three battlefield states including Michigan and Wisconsin, which enabled him to defeat Hillary Clinton, a Democrat who won the general election, in the 2016 election.

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But even without Michigan and Wisconsin, if Trump owns all the other states he won in 2016, he can win again.

Trump’s deficit in the polls is due in part to the two main parts of the coalition he won in 2016, the erosion of support for whites and older Americans without a college degree, and the public’s response to the epidemic. Problems in the game caused by the disapproval of the handling method.

Biden and Trump have taken a very different approach to managing COVID-19, which caused more than 227,000 deaths in the United States and increased work costs by millions. Trump has repeatedly reduced the threat and promised it will end soon, while Biden has vowed to prioritize stricter measures to contain the threat.

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