US election 2020: Donald Trump to declare ‘premature’ victory

US election 2020: Donald Trump to declare ‘premature’ victory


WASHINGTON: US President Donald Trump has disclosed to his close aides that he may declare victory on election night if he is slightly ahead of his democratic challenger Joe Biden even before the last vote is counted, reported the publication Axios.

“Trump has privately talked through this scenario in some detail in the last few weeks, describing plans to walk up to a podium on election night and declare he has won,” said the report. It added that at least three sources close to the US president have confirmed to them that Trump had made the remarks privately.

However, the President of the United States told reporters that he would not declare victory prematurely, but added that it is “horrible” that some states can collect votes after November 3.

“I think it’s a terrible thing when states are allowed to tabulate ballots for a long period of time after the election is over,” said Trump. He added that his lawyers will be ready on election night.

“We don’t want to have Pennsylvania, where you have a political governor, a very partisan guy. … We don’t want to be in a position where he’s allowed, every day, to watch ballots come in. See if we can only find 10,000 more ballots,” claimed the US president.

This move will cause headaches for the U.S. election authorities, because many states cannot count votes before election night.

Although states like Pennsylvania will have to postpone its results, because local laws prohibit election officials from counting mail-in votes before election day.

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