US agents involved in London raid on Pakistani national

US agents involved in London raid on Pakistani national


LONDON: Agents of the American Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) took part in the unprecedented raid on Pakistani national Muhammad Asif Hafeez in London during the raid which was until now believed to be the sole operation by the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) on request of the US authorities for drug importation offences.

The British anti-crime agency has confirmed that two DEA agents participated in the raid-the same agent who had previously held a meeting with Pakistani gold merchants in Dubai to discuss cooperation and drug networks.

More than a dozen police officers raided Asif Hafeez’s Park Road apartment near the Regent’s Park Mosque and detained him because the United States requested extradition and preparations for charges and importing Class A drugs into the United States. related.

When asked why US officials were allowed to enter the homes of Pakistani nationals before NCA officers during the attack and whether they violated jurisdiction and abused procedures, an NCA spokesperson confirmed to the New York Times. News and Geography reported that “DEA officials were present during the arrest of Mr. Hafez as an observer”, but denied that they were leading the raid, adding that “it is not uncommon in this situation”.

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