US adds 305 more virus deaths

US adds 305 more virus deaths


Washington: The United States recorded 305 more coronavirus-related deaths within 24 hours. According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, it was 8:30 on Sunday evening (0030 GMT Saturday).

This is the 11th consecutive day that the virus has caused fewer than 1,000 deaths per day, and since the peak of the influenza pandemic in mid-April, the third death toll has fallen below 400.

But the United States is still the country hit hardest by the pandemic, with 119,959 deaths among 2,278,373 official cases.

As the focus of the country’s epidemic moved from New York to the southwest to the northeast of the country, infections in some 20 states have rebounded.

After recently reducing the daily number of newly diagnosed cases to below 20,000, the number has risen to 30,000 and beyond in recent days.

After the state reopened in recent weeks and large-scale anti-racial protests across the country, there are concerns about the second wave of COVID-19 infection.

President Donald Trump’s first campaign rally since the Coronavirus crisis, held in Oklahoma on Saturday night, was also criticized as a potential COVID-19 “super communicator” event.

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