UN reports: North Korea strengthened its nuclear missile program in 2019 and violate sanctions 1

UN reports: North Korea strengthened its nuclear missile program in 2019 and violate sanctions


According to a confidential UN report that Reuters saw on Monday, North Korea last year violated UN sanctions and further strengthened its nuclear ballistic missile program.

The report also said the country also imported illegally refined oil and exported about $ 370 million in coal using Chinese inland vessels.

The 67-page report to the North Korea Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council will be released next month at a time when the US is trying to resume stalled denuclearization negotiations with North Korea.

The independent sanction monitor of the United Nations wrote: “The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) did not stop its illegal nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs in 2019 and continues to strengthen the program in violation of Security Council resolutions.”

“Despite its strong local capabilities, it still uses illegal external procurement to obtain certain components and technologies.”

North Korea has been subject to United Nations sanctions since 2006. Over the years, the Security Council of 15 Member States has tightened sanctions against North Korea in an effort to cut off funding for Pyongyang’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs.

Sanction inspectors say North Korea has started using inland vessels to export millions of tons of goods in a new attempt to evade prohibited sanctions since 2017.

“According to one Member State, North Korea exported 3.7 million tons of coal between January and August 2019, with an estimated value of $ 370 million,” the report said.

“According to that Member State, the bulk of North Korean coal exports (estimated at 2.8 million tonnes) are transported by ship from vessels flying the North Korean flag to local inland vessels in China.”

The unidentified member state told monitors that the ship had transported coal directly to three ports in Hangzhou Bay, China, and facilities along the Yangtze River.

UN monitors also said a member state reported that North Korea exported at least 1 million tons of sand from Chinese rivers to Chinese ports, worth at least 22 million US dollars.

The Pyongyang ally China has repeatedly stated that it imposes UN sanctions.

In a statement, the Chinese delegation to the United Nations described all accusations against China as “unfounded.”

A spokesperson for the UN delegation said: “In implementing the Security Council resolution on North Korea, China has faithfully and faithfully fulfilled its international obligations and suffered enormous losses and pressure during the trial.”

Sanctions monitors report that North Korea continues to import refined oil illegally through sea-to-ship transfers and direct deliveries.

Since 2017, the UN Security Council has restricted imports of refined oil into North Korea to 500,000 barrels per year. Observers said the United States reported that between January 1 and October 31 last year, Pyongyang imported refined oil that exceeded the “cap” many times.