UN chief highlights global inequality, unable to control climate change 1

UN chief highlights global inequality, unable to control climate change


Lahore: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres outlined the importance of youth participation in the 21st century on the world stage on Tuesday.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres emphasizes the need for dialogue between institutions during a student meeting entitled “The role of youth in the 21st century in a United Nations” at a private university in Lahore It is important to adjust the curriculum to accommodate future to face challenges.

The head of the United Nations said that decisions must be made about the negative effects of climate change and that young people should be aware of new technologies.

“Our generation has failed in many ways, but in fact on three basic issues that will determine the future unless we can change course. If young people don’t have a more powerful intervention” I don’t believe we can change the way we build the future. “

“We have failed in climate change, we have failed to make globalization work for everyone, and we have failed to make new technologies inevitably a useful force because we have opened up too much room for new technologies for our society. It poses a threat. Live “He added.

“Globalization is not for everyone. Many people have been left behind. We are seeing an increase in inequality. Today is a threat to the social cohesion of our society. This is one of them. He is expressed in the form of demonstrations […] that have shaken the basis of the political systems of many countries. “

UN Secretary-General Antonio deplores global inequality and sets the example that only five members of the UN Security Council have veto rights.

He confirmed that achieving equality between individuals and the state is “not an easy process” and will take a long time.

Earlier today, Guterres acknowledged in a tweet that Pakistan was one of the largest contributors to the United Nations peacekeeping mission.

Guterres said on Twitter: “It’s exciting to meet the #ServingForPeace brave men and women around the world. Thank you for your service and dedication!”

Today, the Secretary-General of the United Nations will also participate in a vaccination campaign against polio in Pakistan and visit holy places in Gudwara Kartuppur Sahib in Kartpur. He will also visit the Badshahi Mosque and Shahi Qilla in Lahore.

The spokesperson said the UN chief will not visit the disputed Kashmir region during this visit. He is scheduled to return to New York on Wednesday.

The head of the United Nations visited Pakistan for four days and participated in an international conference on Afghan refugees.

Guterres said at a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Shah Mohamed Qureshi: “One of the main goals of my visit is to look at the real Pakistan and all its possibilities and possibilities”

The two-day meeting in Islamabad was an approval of “generosity” in Pakistan, where millions of refugees from Afghanistan have been received over the last forty years.

The spokesperson said that Mr. Guterres also met with Prime Minister Imran and other senior government officials. The Secretary-General of the United Nations also met with President Alif Alvi yesterday.

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