Umar Akmal banned from all cricket for 3 years

Umar Akmal banned from all cricket for 3 years


The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Monday banned Umar Akmal from all cricket for three years for not reporting a fixing offer before the start of the fifth edition of the Pakistan Super League, a crime under the board’s anti-corruption code.

According to a tweet by the board, the decision was taken by the chairman of the disciplinary panel Justice (r) Fazal-i-Miran Chauhan.

Akmal represented himself at the hearing held at the National Cricket Academy, and Taffazul Rizvi represented the printed circuit board.

The statement added that PCBs will release the reasons for the ban immediately upon receiving the request from Justice Chauhan.

PCB Anti-Corruption and Security Director Lt Col Asif Mahmood, said: “The PCB doesn’t take any pleasure in seeing a promising international cricketer being declared ineligible for three years on corruption charges, but this is once again a timely reminder to all who think they can get away by breaching the anti-corruption code.

“The anti-corruption unit regularly holds education seminars and refresher courses at all levels to remind all professional cricketers of their obligations and responsibilities. And even then if some cricketers decide to take the code in their hands, then this is how things will pan out.

“I request all professional cricketers to stay away from the menace of corruption and immediately inform the relevant authorities as soon as they are approached. This is in their best interest as well as that of the teams and the country.”

On February 20, PCB suspended the operation of Akmal and it became effective immediately.

After being accused of violating Article 2.4.4 of the Anti-Corruption Law twice in two unrelated incidents, Akmal did not ask the anti-corruption court to hold a hearing.

He was also eliminated by PSL and immediately banned him from playing for Quetta Gladiators.

Article 2.4.4 of the Code states: “Failed to disclose to the PCB alert and security department (without unnecessary delay) all the detailed information about any method or invitation received by the participant to engage in corruption under this Anti-Corruption Code “.

Article 4.8.1 of the Code states: “In this case, there is no need to have a hearing before the anti-corruption court. Instead, the chairman of the disciplinary team (sitting alone) should issue a public decision to confirm the counter-signal specified in the allegation Corruption laws, and apply applicable sanctions within the scope specified in the notice.

“Before issuing that public decision, the chairman of the Disciplinary Panel will provide written notice of that decision to the National Cricket Federation to which the Participant is affiliated, the PCB Vigilance and Security Department and the ICC.”

In 2018, Akmar told Sama TV that during the 2015 World Cup, the bookmaker approached him and left two balls for $ 200,000.

He said that these proposals are just one of many that he has been in contact with over the years.

“I had got an offer during the World Cup to leave two balls alone and they were willing to pay me $200,000 for that,” Akmal had said.

“It was our first match against India in the 2015 World Cup […] in fact, every match I play against India, they offer me money to make some excuse and opt out of the game. But I have told those people that I am very sincere about playing for Pakistan and to not talk to me on this topic ever again,” he had said.

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