UK virus death toll tops 40,000: government

UK virus death toll tops 40,000: government


London: The number of British coronavirus deaths has exceeded 40,000, after the government reported last Friday that another 357 people had died in the past 24 hours.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said reaching the grim milestone was “a time of sorrow for us all”.

“We ve got to remember that each one of these is an impact on a family that will never be the same again and my heart goes out to them all,” he said.

“And it makes me redouble my determination to deal with this virus.”

His ministry said that as of 0800 GMT, 40,261 people who tested positive for COVID-19 died on Friday.

In terms of the number of deaths, the United Kingdom is second only to the United States, and wider statistics indicate that the number of deaths is much higher after considering suspicious cases.

The National Bureau of Statistics counted all the deaths suspected or mentioned of COVID-19 in the death certificate. The death toll as of May 22 was 48,106.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is implementing plans to alleviate the lock-in restrictions imposed on March 23, after there were signs that the virus had exceeded its peak.

Some schools are reopening this week to the youngest children in England, while non-essential stores will reopen from Monday.

Another study published on Friday showed that in the last two weeks of May, about 53,000 people in England suffer from coronavirus.

ONS said, but only 29% of people who test positive have symptoms.

It surveyed nearly 20,000 people in private homes and found 21 people suffering from the disease, accounting for about 0.1% of the 56 million people in the UK.

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