UK says China has questions to answer over coronavirus outbreak

UK says China has questions to answer over coronavirus outbreak


London: The UK said on Monday that China had doubts about the information it shared about the outbreak of a new coronavirus, but declined to comment on reports that the US-led intelligence group accused Beijing of covering up.

In recent days, the United States has increased its argument against China ’s culpability of the new coronavirus. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday that there is evidence that the disease was caused by a Chinese laboratory.

The US intelligence agency concluded that the virus was not artificially made or genetically modified. So far, Washington has not publicly provided evidence that the virus came from a laboratory, and Beijing has firmly denied this.

The Australian Telegraph reported that the Five-Eye Intelligence Union led by the United States had stated in a 15-page research file that China had deliberately suppressed or destroyed evidence of a coronavirus outbreak. “Assault” killed tens of millions of people.

Wuyan Group’s intelligence services in the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

British Defense Minister Ben Wallace said: “Every day, I will get intelligence announcements from agencies around the world. I have not commented on individual announcements, nor have I commented on it. That would be wrong.”

When asked if China had a question to answer how it made the world aware of the severity of the crisis, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace said: “I think it is.”

Wallace said: “China needs to be open and transparent about its own practices, both short and successful,” Wallace added that the time for the autopsy was after the outbreak.

Reuters did not see the Five Eyes file and could not immediately verify the report of the Australian Telegraph. A Western intelligence source said that China has not yet been fully transparent and has now been widely accepted.

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