Scandal-ridden Boris Johnson quits as UK prime minister

UK announces G7 leaders to discuss Afghanistan on Tuesday


London: A week after the Taliban returned to power, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Sunday that G7 leaders will discuss the Afghanistan crisis at a virtual summit on Tuesday.

Johnson said on Twitter: “The international community must work together to ensure a safe evacuation, prevent humanitarian crises, and support the Afghan people to achieve the results of the past 20 years.”

The United Kingdom currently serves as the chairman of the wealthy nations group consisting of the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the United States, and Johnson has been pushing for meetings in the past week.

After the hard-line Islamic organization regained power, thousands of Afghans and foreigners tried to flee Kabul. In the chaotic scene, Western allies are facing increasing criticism for handling the Afghan crisis.

After a virtual meeting on Thursday, the foreign ministers of the Group of Seven countries urged the Taliban to provide safe passage for those trying to flee the capital. This is the first time the group has issued an official statement on the crisis.

In June, the Group of Seven (G7) held its first face-to-face summit in Cornwall, southwest England, in nearly two years, when the coronavirus and the increasingly confident attitude to respond to China dominated the agenda.

Since then, as the United States and its allies withdrew from their military involvement there for two years, the Taliban launched a nationwide offensive and retaken most of Afghanistan within a few weeks, which surprised the West.

The United States has temporarily dispatched thousands of soldiers to try to protect the airport and help evacuate its citizens and Afghans who helped them, and has set a deadline for completing the airlift by August 31.

However, allies, including the United Kingdom, said they will support an extension of the deadline, and this issue may take a prominent place in Tuesday’s discussion.

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