UK announces 717 more coronavirus deaths, taking the total to 11,329 deaths

UK announces 717 more coronavirus deaths, taking the total to 11,329 deaths


The UK announced today that there are still 697 coronavirus deaths, bringing the total casualties in all four countries to 11,309.

After Britain reached the serious milestone of 10,000 deaths yesterday, the incident happened in only four other countries (the United States, Spain, Italy and France).

NHS England stated that the victims of the hospital were between 17 and 101 years old, 40 of whom had no other health problems and the youngest was 37.

The number of deaths today is down yesterday, the lowest since Monday last week, but the pattern of deaths appeared on Sunday and Monday and increased later this week, so it should not be interpreted as a trend.

Government scientists say they expect the number of reported deaths to continue to rise every day until the peak period is over.

It takes days or even weeks to record the number of deaths, so if the country is now at the height of the outbreak (as predicted on the eve of Easter), the number of deaths will not decrease significantly in any case Week.

UK announces 717 more coronavirus deaths, taking the total to 11,329 deaths 1The number of new cases – which can be announced later in the UK study in the UK – could be clearer.

It is the first time in a month that most people who have declared death are not in London: there are 170 people in the central region, compared to 158 in the capital.

In addition to these two regions, 102 victims were registered in the North West, 83 in the East of England, 79 in the North East and Yorkshire, 48 in the South East and 27 in the South West.

Nicola Sturgeon, Prime Minister of Scotland, said there were “signs of optimism” that the coronavirus blockade is working, but the restrictions will remain.

Now, a total of 6,067 people in Scotland have tested positive for the virus, an increase of 155 people from the previous day’s 5,912 people and another 9 deaths.

211 of intensive care patients suffer from coronavirus or coronavirus symptoms, a decrease from 10 cases on Sunday and 1,797 people are hospitalized with confirmed or suspected Covid-19.

The prime minister said that laboratories in the Tyside, Ayrshire and Alain Health Council areas have not reported test data in the past 24 hours and that deaths after the weekend tended to be lower.

She said, “There are early signs of optimism that the steps we are taking are working, but before we learn more, we have to push forward unless there is solid evidence.”

The lock-in measures will be reviewed this week, but Ms Sturgeon said the restrictions are unlikely to be lifted.

Ms Sturgeon was concerned about death at the nursing home and said the government was working with the Medical Inspection Agency to take action.

She said, “I want to give a very strong guarantee first. We are working with the Nursing and Inspection Agency to adequately support nursing homes, their nursing staff and residents.”

“Secondly, we are working hard to ensure that we can publish complete and reliable information on the number of nursing home cases, and we hope to do so later this week.”

The prime minister also announced that of the £ 50 million, £ 17 million is for charity to help people through the crisis.

About £ 10 million has been allocated to “urgent priorities” and the remaining £ 7 million will be distributed to about 2,000 charities in the form of small grants.

The remaining £ 33 million are open to charity.

A helpline will also be launched on Tuesday to help people in vulnerable groups who are not one of the blocked groups.

Interim Chief Medical Officer Dr. Gregor Smith urged the families of those who died in the outbreak not to postpone the funeral to end the backlog.

Dr. Gregor Smith said, “If everyone understands and values ​​our environment and continues to arrange funerals for loved ones as usual, then the department can cope and I will emphasize it without delay.”

He added, “It is very important at this time that people do not postpone the funeral of their loved ones.

“It’s important that people are saddened by the deaths of their loved ones, but delaying the funeral because of the cancellation of social alienation measures can increase pressure to deal with coronavirus funerals and services.”

Health Minister Jeane Freeman said that the National Health Service (NHS) of Scotland has enough capacity to deal with the outbreak, while the treatment capacity of patients in intensive care has tripled.

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