Ubisoft sues Apple and Google for selling a 'Rainbow Six: Siege' clone

Ubisoft sues Apple and Google for selling a ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ clone


It’s no secret that some games are designed to riff on others’ ideas, but Ubisoft believes one title is far too similar to let it go unchecked. Bloomberg reports that the publisher has sued Apple and Google for selling Area F2, a game it claims is a “near carbon copy” of Rainbow Six: Siege meant to “piggyback” on Ubisoft’s success.

Allegedly, the mobile game names of Alibaba Ejoy and Qookka Games “borrowed from” almost all aspects “of Ubisoft’s character-driven team shooting game, all the way to the interface layout. Drones, destructible walls and draped walls are also the main content of these two games.

Ubisoft said it has sent reports of copyright infringement to Apple and Google, but so far both companies have refused to withdraw Area F2 from their respective app stores.

Although Ubisoft did not elaborate on why it sued the app store operator rather than the developer of Area F2, it may involve the region. Ejoy is located in China, which makes the foreign copyright challenge more difficult. Even if Apple and Google can still be sold through third-party stores, successfully forcing Apple and Google to withdraw the Area F2 lawsuit will deprive the creator of the game at least some income.

If this proves successful, don’t be surprised if other developers follow suit.

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