U.S. denies acting against Venezuela's Maduro, says would have been "overt"

U.S. denies acting against Venezuela’s Maduro, says would have been “overt”


Washington: The White House National Security Committee denied on Friday that this week the United States was involved in a massive invasion of Venezuela, which allegedly overthrew President Nicolas Maduro.

After Maduro said the Venezuelan authorities detained a pair of US citizens who cooperated with US veterans, the US National Security Council issued a statement on Twitter.

US President Donald Trump has denied the US involvement in the incident, but the National Security Council (NSC) has taken further action.

“The U.S. government has nothing to do with the recent events in Venezuela. The opposite claim is not credible. The statement said that if this is an action planned by Maduro, he is accused of narcotics terrorism, then Is open, direct and effective.

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